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Harry Styles Had A Massive Fall On Stage And The Internet Reacted Accordingly

Well, if you are going to fall over in front of thousands you may as well make it epic.

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One Direction kicked off the North American leg of their world tour on Thursday night in San Diego, their first American show since the departure of Zayn Malik.

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And one person who really got into it was Harry Styles... until he made this epic fall.

Although we have to admit if you are going to fall down we like his style.

No pun intended.

And his embarrassed reaction was pretty damn adorable.

So of course his fans reacted by immediately turning it into a meme and by getting #OhNoHarry trending worldwide.

these always happened lmao i love this fandom too much #OhNoHarry

i love this fandom istg 😎 #OhNoHarry


Your princess @Louis_Tomlinson #OhNoHarry

i'm suprised if no one would take him as a model for hair shampoo commercial #OhNoHarry

Niall and Liam seeing this hashtag #OhNoHarry

You guys!

Watch the fall in all its glory in full here.

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