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This Is How Twitter Reacted When Kanye Declared Himself The Biggest Rock Star On The Planet

"Go home mate, ya drunk!"

Kanye West put on a pretty impressive set during his headlining slot at Glastonbury on Saturday night.

And one person who was certainly impressed with it was Kanye West.

He ended his performance by repeatedly shouting "I am the greatest living rock star on the planet."

Like so.

And Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about it.

"You are watching the greatest living rock star on the planet!!!" Wow Kanye.. You never met ma auntie Marion

Stop the press: self proclaimed 'biggest rock star on planet' has a robot voice & presses button for sound effect #Kanye #Glasto2015

Watching the greatest living rockstar on the planet. #Glasto15 #Kanye

still can't believe I got to see the 'greatest rock star in the world' on TV!And not an instrument in sight! #Glasto2015 #Kanye #sarcasm

Kanye West at Glastonbury: "I'm the greatest living rock star on the planet". Go home mate, ya drunk!

Some people were confused.

Kanye West calling himself the greatest rockstar on the planet??

Kanye really took that 'World's Greatest Rock Star' mug he got on Father's Day to heart didn't he.

Others found it humorous.

when kanye calls himself the biggest rockstar in the world

I really like that #Kayne is trending. If #Kanye is the greatest rock star in the world then why are so many people getting his name wrong?

Am worried Kanye announcing he's "the greatest living rockstar" sounds like he's just smothered three others backstage with a pillow.

Some thought he was actually announcing a surprise guest joining him on stage.

"You are waiting for the greatest living rockstar of all time!!" *crowd waits expectantly*. Nope #Kanye means himself #Glastonbury

When Kanye West yelled 'The greatest rock star on the planet!' I was looking behind him to see who he was bringing on... #Glasto2015

While others had their own suggestions for who they thought that might be.

".......so then he said "I'm the greatest living rock star on the planet" .........!!!" #Kanye #Bantz

Particularly Dave Grohl, who had to drop out of the festival last minute.

No kanye the greatest living rock star injured his leg and had to pull out

Did Kanye really call himself the greatest living rock star on the planet?

And others simply loved it and wholeheartedly agreed.

Kanye's the biggest rockstar of this generation They hate how he doesnt have the same skin color/make music that sounds like past rockstars

Freddy Mercury is a god and legend in England and from England and was the ultimate rock star hence Kanye covering queen #GlastoKanye

"I'm the number 1 rock star in the world!" Yes you are Kanye

Life goals, to shout i am the greatest rockstar on stage like Kanye

But then everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. 🙏

Kanye West: "You are now watching the greatest living rockstar on the planet" #Glasto2015