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    James Blunt Once Sold His Sister On eBay

    True story.

    James Blunt once sold his sister on eBay. Yes, really.

    Getty Images Juan Aguado

    The singer made the confession to the Guardian, after they spotted the odd fact on Reddit, revealing he was trying to fund a tour of the world.

    Blunt said:

    I was an eBay addict, before my first album hit big. I wanted to go on this tour of the world, so I started selling everything on eBay. I just sold all my shit. I literally came back to my empty, empty flat. Eventually there was nothing else to sell except her.

    So he came up with this cunning plan:

    She basically had a funeral to go to in Ireland and the planes were on strike and the ferries were out of season. So I put on eBay: 'Damsel in distress needs knight in shining armour to get her to this funeral on Saturday. What can anyone do?'

    And these men bid and bid and bid and the winning guy said: 'I can do this, I've got a helicopter.'

    But it wasn't as callous as he makes out, it actually resulted in a very happy ending.

    Anyway, now they're married, they have been for five years and they've got two kids together.

    He's got some dough, he's got a chopper, he's a great guy. They named both their kids after types of helicopter.

    It seems shameless eBay selling can pay off... for James Blunt at least.

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