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    Hodor Is Going On A Rave Of Thrones DJ Tour

    "The deepest house music from all seven kingdoms." HODOR.

    Hodor, aka actor Kristian Nairn, has announced plans to go on a Game of Thrones-themed DJ tour.

    And it's got a genius name: Rave of Thrones.


    Fans will apparently get to enjoy "the deepest house (music) from all seven kingdoms".

    For one night only, in every capital across this land, venues will be transformed into the finest halls of Westeros."While attendees are urged to dress up at the events or "risk the wrath of the Hand of the King.

    For those of you that don't know, in real life Hodor is a regular on the house DJ circuit.

    For 11 years, he was a resident DJ at Belfast's Kremlin club, which helped him get his first movie agent.

    There's only one problem... He's only raving around Australia. :(

    The tour kicks off at Sydney's Hi-Fi on 28 August, before heading to Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Darwin, and wrapping up in Adelaide at Zhivago on 7 September.

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