Hodor Is A DJ In Real Life


1. This is Kristian Nairn, AKA Hodor, Djing:

ID: 1259934

2. Before Game Of Thrones he was a famous DJ and now he’s Hodor and also still a famous DJ.

ID: 1259973

3. This is him looking like what a DJ might look like.

ID: 1259977

4. And here a younger version of his DJ self:

ID: 1259986

5. Here he is with Kelly Clarkson:

ID: 1260044

6. And here he is with a giant cuddly dog:

ID: 1259974

7. Listen to him talking about his music career as well as a bunch of other things because he can actually say words other than “HODOR!”

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ID: 1259997

Interview courtesy of ComicBookMovie.com.

ID: 1260108

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