27 Times The "Harry Potter" Cast Were Hilarious And Lovely To Each Other On Twitter

    Muggle goals.

    1. When Tom Felton shared this dapper photo and poked fun at Matthew Lewis.

    @Mattdavelewis mate that Bond impersonator from the 70's called and said he needs his look back....

    2. Which simply led to this lovely response.

    3. When J.K. Rowling had this hilarious reaction to seeing Matthew's near-naked photoshoot.

    .@Mattdavelewis Not as bad as watching Dan in Equus, but close. Warn me next time, for God's sake. https://t.co/r8EUd1GKqT

    As in this one.

    Which led to this awkward yet adorable exchange.

    .@Mattdavelewis I will always support you whatever you want to do, Matthew. Now go put some clothes on.

    4. When Emma Watson promoted Matthew's new TV show while appreciating him dressed as a soldier.

    He looks very serious here but is hilarious in #Bluestone42. Watch @Mattdavelewis on @BBCthree Monday@10pm. So Good!!

    And he complimented her with this. 💗

    5. She also sent him a special birthday message while dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. BUT HE NEVER SHARED THE DAMN THING. 😢

    Got the best happy birthday message from @EmWatson and co. this morning. Looking curiously like she was in costume for something… #mabelle

    6. In fact, every single time it's one of their birthdays they ALWAYS share the love.

    Happy Birthday @Evy_Lynch 🎉😍❤️🎈🎁💝 xxxx

    Happy Birthday and many, many, many happy returns to perennial source of love and light @Evy_Lynch! xxxxx

    Happy birthday to .@TomFelton, the nicest bad guy ever xxx

    Happy Birthday @TomFelton hope to see you soon x

    7. Especially when they share photo dedications.

    Happy 50th Birthday @jk_rowling here's to many more magical years! Sending lots of Weasley love from across the pond

    8. Like so.

    He surprised me & turned up to the premiere in this t-shirt. No one is cooler than Rupert. Happy Birthday brother.

    9. The time J.K. Rowling made sure Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) knew just how amazing she is.

    And revealed her lack of emoji skills.

    @Evy_Lynch XXX can't do emoticons XXX

    10. When Matt and Tom got excited about their sporting weekend together and became as competitive as ever.

    And used Harry Potter terms to wind each other up.

    @TomFelton Leave it out. We’ve got plans for you boys. You’re gonna get Slytherinsed.

    #Gryffinwho / Slytherinsed. Lol.

    11. Then J.K. appreciated the banter.

    So proud of my boys. Even after all these years, they still want to kick each other's arses.

    12. And Tom made sure everyone knew he'd won. #slythewin.

    Incase you're all wondering, this team captain won! Sorry mate @Mattdavelewis #slythewin

    Which Matt blamed on his hangover.

    @TomFelton Doesn’t count. I was hungover. I’m just chuffed I even got bat to ball. You’ll never get my wicket! #notout #christthatwasfast

    13. Although it's not the only time they've bonded over their love of sport, like the time they played golf.

    I'd be a pro golfer by now if @Mattdavelewis would caddy for me full time x

    14. When Ginny, Cho and Luna reunited and showed their support for J.K.

    Thank you @jk_rowling for our @lumos bracelets ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Congrats @jk_rowling winning charity of the year @lumos get invovled & help children with disabilities in Moldova https://t.co/u9KltaPpho

    15. When Matt showed his support for Emma's #HeForShe campaign.

    So proud of @EmWatson. From the girl I grew up with to the inspirational woman she is today. I'm with you. #heforshe

    16. In fact they're always a loyal, supportive bunch. Here's Tom congratulating Bonnie on her essay about growing up in the spotlight.

    Great article @thisisbwright http://t.co/ABohFx3hH2

    Thanks @TomFelton so happy you liked it!! xxx

    17. And praising the launch of her film production company.

    Exited to launch the website for my film production company @BonBonLumiere & online premiere of my latest short film http://t.co/EpjRR51xDX

    Go Bon Bons! Check it out people... https://t.co/SHRqBsfFLk

    18. And when Tom debuted his documentary, Tom Felton Meets the Superfans, they all promoted it as much as possible.

    VERY excited to watch @TomFelton 's directorial debut 'Tom Felton Meets the Superfans' tonight on BBC3 at 9pm. things gon' get geeky ✨👽👱🎮📚🎭

    Just watched @TomFelton Meets the Superfans. Incredible. It's on tonight on @bbcthree at 9pm. Then watch me on #Bluestone42 straight after.

    Tune into BBC3 tonight at 9pm to watch @TomFelton doc #TomFeltonMeetstheSuperfans 👏

    19. When Draco hijacked a Weasley family reunion in LA.

    Look who I found on Sunset @James_Phelps @TomFelton #Rupert 💕🌴😍✨

    20. And Neville wore a kilt while hanging out with Ginny and Draco.

    Towerblock and Rocket got to meet them two out of Harry Potter... @scottwhoatson @TomFelton @thisisbwright

    21. When Tom reacted to this fan's T-shirt by apologising to J.K. that so many fans like Draco so much.

    @TomFelton I bought this, what do you think about it ?

    I'm not too sure Draco would be a good boyfriend. Ron however? (@jk_rowling I'm sorry girls like Malfoy) https://t.co/34xmJSqRY4

    22. When Jason Isaacs, aka Lucius Malfoy, jokingly threatened to release embarrassing photos of Tom to the world.

    That was strictly a family snap. Now I'll have to release the pix of you on your potty. #dontmesswithdad @TomFelton https://t.co/L9loa06fTT

    23. And complimented him on this glamorous photo next to his longterm girlfriend, Jade.

    No couple should be that glamorous without days of prep and hours of Photoshop. #jadesamoviestar https://t.co/DO79lgofVE

    Our fave couple ever stepped out for the Burberry event in LA #JadeOlivia @TomFelton http://t.co/vCleDZ4rKM

    24. When Tom shared this lovely note from Jason. Only to ignore his advice and sit down to eat McDonalds and continue to watch The Simpsons.

    Spring cleaning and just found this old note @jasonsfolly About to watch the Simpsons eating McDonalds...

    25. And retweeted this excellent photo from J.K.

    26. When Emma and J.K. told each other they thought they were inspirational women on International Women's Day of all days.

    .@EmWatson @HeforShe #HeForShe Nice emoji! You're an inspirational woman x

    @jk_rowling @HeforShe RIGHT back at you. ❤️ thank you for everything xx

    27. And finally... this exchange between J.K. and Tom when Pottermore sorted him into Gryffindor.

    .@TomFelton I could've told you that years ago. I just didn't want to spoil your motivation ;)