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You Need To See Lionel Richie's Security Guards Performing A Flashmob To His Glastonbury Set

Hello, is it glee you're looking for?

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But he was even more of a highlight thanks to festival staff performing a flashmob at the bottom of the stage as he sang "Dancing on the Ceiling".

LOVING the @GlastoFest security joining in the dancing with @LionelRichie everyone a #legend


And it didn't go unnoticed.

The entire pit security team dancing in unison to Lionel Richie tells U all you need to know about @GlastoFest The best place/party on earth

The dancing security guards at Lionel Richie ❤️

Best #glastontelly moment there, security getting down and co-ordinated for Dancing on the Ceiling @LionelRichie

In fact people LOVED it.

Lionel Richie just killed it! What a set! Loved seeing the security guards dancing too! @LionelRichie #Glasto2015

Yes to the dancing security guards during @LionelRichie #Glasto2015


What a total legend, even the security guards are throwing down #LionelRichie #Glasto2015

Synchronised dancing security guards FTW ❤️‍

Tune!! Especially loving the moves that the security guards?! #LionelRichie #legend #bbcglasto #Glasto2015

Just when we thought his set couldn’t get any better.

Watch the video in full here.

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