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    Everyone Give Up, Bruce Willis Has Already Won Halloween 2017

    Heeeeere's Bruce.

    We know him as one of our favourite Hollywood hardman actors, star of films such as the Die Hard movies, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, Sin City... you name it, he's been in it.

    What Bruce Willis is perhaps less known for is his silly and fun side.

    But this year ladies and gentlemen he has outdone himself by already winning Halloween 2017. AND IT'S NOT EVEN ACTUAL HALLOWEEN YET.

    Please enjoy this picture his old friend Samuel L. Jackson shared of him dressed as one of The Shining twins this weekend.

    Come play with us Danny. Forever & ever & ever!

    The actor was at filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan's Halloween party in Philadelphia. And the man on his right as his fellow Grady twin is filmmaker Stephen J. Eads, who has worked on films with Bruce since the 1990s.


    Fans are of course loving it.

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    You won't believe what the two little girls from The Shining look like now. #BruceWillis

    He's coming for your crown, Harrison Ford.

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    Bravo, Bruce. Bravo.