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    Celebrities Have Started A New Morning Selfie Craze Called #WakeUpCall

    Could this be the next Ice Bucket Challenge?

    This is Tom Hiddleston taking a #WakeUpCall selfie for charity.

    #WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 to give ਵ. Nominate @Misskeeleyhawes @EmWatson @josierourke

    It's the new celebrity selfie craze, which mixes the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the #NoMakeUpSelfie.

    #WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 (to give ਵ) or (I warn you - look away)

    And plenty of celebrities have got on board with it. Including Nigella Lawson.

    Text SYRIA to 70007 (& give ਵ) or #UNICEF @mariamcerlane @sturdyAlex @lenadunham

    And Naomi Campbell.

    Unicef is asking people to post a picture or a video of themselves moments after they've woken up to raise millions for Syria by making a donation and nominating three friends.

    #wakeupcall Support @UNICEF_uk Text SYRIA To 70007 to donate ਵ -I nominate @clarapaget @samsmithworld @grimmers

    And it's already become the craze in celebrity circles. Here's Hugh Grant's offering.

    #WAKEUPCALL I nominate @JohnCleese, @KP24, @JohnBishop.

    And plenty of other stars have also taken part.

    UNICEF #wakeupcall I nominate @AngelaHartnett @clarebalding @bellafreud

    #WAKEUPCALL I nominate @JeremyClarkson @lilyallen @HackedOffHugh

    The moment I woke up #WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 (to give ਵ) or

    Let's just look at Tom Hiddleston's bed head once more, shall we? <3

    #WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 to give &#xA35;. Nominate @Misskeeleyhawes @EmWatson @josierourke