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Kate Winslet Recreated Her Iconic "Titanic" Scene And It Will Give You Nostalgia Chills

Bear Grylls, I feel like I'm flying!

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But most importantly she re-created our favourite Titanic moment while high up on a cliff. Because she's awesome.


Bear Grylls, who was standing at the bottom of the cliff, encouraged her to lift her arms up.

She happily obliged, before breaking into quotes from the 1997 film in the same American accent she had used.

Winslet said: "Jack, I feel like I'm flying!"

Bear decided to step into Leonardo DiCaprio's shoes by replying: "Kate, do you trust me?" And a giggling Kate responded: "You jump, I jump, right?," before joking: "Right, come on – get me down this fucking thing!"

You can watch the full clip for the episode here.

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