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    33 Fabulously Geeky "Sherlock" Items You Can Buy Right Now

    Because you need more Benedict Cumberbatch in your life.

    1. You can rest your weary head on Sherlock.

    Buy the cushion here.

    2. Or wear him in your ears.

    Buy the earrings here.

    3. There are even glow in the dark earrings.

    4. Let him send you to sleep.

    Buy the sleep mask here.

    5. Or why not get a porcelain plate?

    6. Want a Sherlock finger puppet? No problem.

    Buy it here.

    7. Or a doll? We've got it covered.

    You can get it here.

    8. How about a Cumberbitch bracelet?

    9. There are glorious art prints.

    10. In fact, there are many, many pieces of Sherlock art.

    Like this.

    11. Even this is for sale.

    Get it

    12. And you're only a true fan if you have one of these.

    Buy the T-shirt here.

    13. Or what about this T-shirt?

    All yours from here.

    14. For if you want to tell lies.

    Sell your soul here.

    15. There are nail collections.

    Like this one.

    16. You can even get a travel mug.

    From here.

    17. And this glorious bow tie.

    Buy it from here.

    18. Keep him close with this ring.

    From here.

    19. Come on, you recognise that wallpaper.

    Buy the leggings here.

    20. Cookie cutter? All yours.

    From here.

    21. For the high functioning sociopath in your life.

    22. Car decal, of course.

    Step right this way.

    23. Is Moriarty responsible for these?

    Get the pill bottle necklace here.

    24. An absolute must have.

    Buy them here.

    25. If you ever need arm gloves, then they must be Sherlock arm gloves.

    Buy them here.

    26. Why not?

    Sherlock underwear right this way.

    27. The perfect button.

    From here.

    28. Deep breaths!

    Sherlock and Doctor Who shoes right this way.

    29. #notdead.

    Buy the keyring from here.

    30. Mix and match magnets.

    From here.

    31. If you want to start them young.

    Buy the bib here.

    32. Shot glasses are of course a necessity.

    From here.

    33. And you know you always wanted a Sherlock owl bookmark.

    You can buy it here!