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10 Secrets Only Victoria's Secret Angels Will Tell You, By Adriana Lima

"We order pizza and cupcakes backstage before hitting the runway." And other inside info the model shared with BuzzFeed.

Tonight the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is airing on TV, so, ahead of the catwalk, BuzzFeed asked Adriana Lima exactly what secrets the Angels are actually keeping. This is what she told us:

1. "During fittings, we fight over who gets the biggest wings."

Getty Images for Victoria's Secret Dimitrios Kambouris

2. "But we actually really like one another."


3. "It takes five hours of hair and make-up and months of workouts to get ready for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show."

Getty Images for Victoria's Secr Dimitrios Kambouris

4. "In fact, we can take on any sports athlete in a serious workout. Just ask my boxing coach."

5. "Although we order pizza and cupcakes backstage before hitting the runway."

6. "We actually tape two identical fashion shows and they are edited together from different angles."

7. "We are the best luggage packers because we live out of suitcases."

Getty Images foro Victoria's Sec Mike Coppola

8. "Espresso is our best friend."

9. "We always know where the after-after-afterparties are located."

10. "And we have tons more secrets. But we'll never tell..."

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air on Tuesday 9 December at 10pm on CBS in the United States. All other markets should check their local listings for date, time, and channel.

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