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15 Majestic Pictures Of Peter Capaldi Owning His New "Doctor Who" Role

If this won't get you excited for the new series, nothing will. Photos of Capaldi filming on a dummy horse in Cardiff Bay last night.

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1. Just Peter Capaldi filming the new series of Doctor Who.

2. Okay, on a dummy horse.

3. While his body double shoots on a real horse.

4. But that's okay.

5. Because he's Peter Capaldi. The 12th Doctor!

6. It's like he was born to do it.

7. With a little help from this guy.

8. And Strax.

9. Along with Jenny and Vastra.

10. Just filming some stunt scenes.

11. Riding his horse.

12. Acting like a pro.

13. Living and breathing the Doctor.

14. Hurry up new series!

15. Now are you excited?