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25 Facts You Know To Be True If You Were In A High School Marching Band

"Why is that football team on my marching field?"

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1. You hated when anyone called you a "band nerd" or "band geek" unless they were a fellow band member.


2. The most exciting thing about the beginning of the marching season was new half-time music.


3. Your excitement for new music was only matched by your excitement for the new drills that went with them.

arrowheadbands / Via Twitter: @arrowheadbands

4. And you low-key judged other bands that had simpler drills than you.

fandominating / Via Twitter: @fandominating

5. Instead of worrying about an english or math test, you stressed about having your music memorized in time for your playing quiz.

quotes-from-the-band-field / Via

6. You did conditioning training just like any other sports team... and had no problem explaining that you worked just as hard as they did.

the-double-reed-mafia / Via

7. Because of all the conditioning, you loved being able to sub out gym credits for marching band.


8. You could always tell when someone was just walking instead of rolled step marching.

_greg_gibson / Via Twitter: @_greg_gibson

9. You probably assumed any clear puddles in the band room were spit from the brass section.

bandnerdrelatable / Via

10. You got close with your squad... maybe a little too close.

shitbandkidsdo / Via

11. And while you loved everyone in your squad, there was still a little competition for chair positions.

defenderofemo / Via

12. Your weekend plans usually consisted of a Friday night game and a Saturday afternoon competition.

13. And thankfully there was usually a party after both.

14. You could always count on getting ~*hot gossip*~ at those parties, which your friends outside of band would never understand.

15. You developed crushes on fellow band members based on their musical talent or skill.

clerinerd / Via

16. And after working up the courage to talk to your crush during a water break, you tried using band specific pick-up lines.

brassandkickass / tumblr

17. There were prejudices against specific instruments because of that ONE PERSON WHO FORGOT TO TUNE AND RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE.

fehopeasant / Via

18. And the jealousy of another section having a better part was real.

ttwizzlers12 / Via Twitter: @ttwizzlers12

19. You had a love/hate relationship with any stand music that was converted from popular songs.

salaycoulee / Via Twitter: @salaycoulee

20. During practice, "one more time" really meant "twenty more times."

emilybbenton / Via Twitter: @emilybbenton

21. Every once in a while you found composer notes that explained exactly how you felt.

22. People made you laugh when they tried to talk about your instrument without knowing anything about it.

Rap Genius / Via

23. Band camp wasn't as sexy as everyone thought...

clockpurse / Via

24. But of course, you had some raunchy stories.

ABC Freeform

25. And finally, at the end of the day you realized band was a bonding experience that no one else would ever understand.

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