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If You're Having An Awful Day, Here Are 16 Times Gordon Ramsay Was Nice To Children

"I'm not leaving until you laugh."

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4. When he acted like a giant kid himself:

Gordon Ramsay: "Oh goodness me, look at the size of my cheeks. Right, what a good idea. They're all for me! I'm the chef."

5. When he consoled this chef after a rough critique:

sherlock-hannibal / Via

Gordon: "You can't expect to be at the top of the class every time. What you've done so far in this competition, that is not your best plate. Come on here. I don't want you to get upset. Come on, get your head up."


9. When he watched over the chefs and gave this encouragement for a job well done:

10. And when he tried on this headband for size:

Gordon: "Can I try that? Looks very cool. Have you been to Japan? Does that suit me? Do I look like some karate kid now?"


12. And when he led a prayer to the soufflé god:

beam-me-up-broadway / Via

Gordon: "Dara, how are you feeling?"

Dara: "Good."

Gordon: "Do you think it will come out? High?"

Dara: "I think, yeah."

Gordon: "Have you prayed yet?"

Dara: "No."

Gordon: "Every time I put a soufflé in the oven, I always pray."

Dara: "Okay."

Gordon: "Dear God of Soufflé, please make that rise and taste sumptuous and delicious. Good luck."

Dara: "Thank you."

14. When he joked about seasoning after taking a face full of salsa:

Gordon: "MAN! Whose done the salsa? There's no salt in that! Who forgot to season the salsa?"

15. When he calmly gave directions to help a chef in need:


Gordon: "Don't be upset. Fill the mold half full, and it'll cook twice as quick. Okay, relax. Well done."

16. And finally, when he congratulated the winner of MasterChef Junior with the praise we all wish we could earn: