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Jan 2015
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    kierstinwallacecirilloc commented on What Tips Do You Wish You Knew Before Being A Bridesmaid?

    I wish I had known how much money it would be. I was lucky to have been a bridesmaid for some really chill girls but I wasn’t prepared for how much money it would be for everything. The dress was chosen by the group and some of the girls could afford to spend $300 for a dress. We… 

    1 year ago

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  • kierstinwallacecirilloc's avatar

    kierstinwallacecirilloc commented on What Gentle Skincare Products Do You Swear By?

    I absolutely love Beauty Counters line of acne products. I used to believe I was allergic or sensitive to salicylic acid. Turns out I was sensitive to other chemicals being used in products that contained salicylic acid. Counter Control contains salicylic acid but I have literally… 

    2 years ago

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    kierstinwallacecirilloc commented on We May Know Who's Going To Play Elphaba In The Upcoming "Wicked" Movie

    The girl who played moana!!!!

    3 years ago

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