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23 Puppies Stuck On The Work Week

"How many more days until the weekend?"

1. "Mondays suck."

2. "They make me feel like this."

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3. "But Tuesdays are pretty horrible, too."

4. "They make me feel trapped."

5. "But Wednesdays..."


7. "ARE"


9. "WORST!"

10. "It's like so close to the weekend."

11. "But not."

12. "Thursdays just toy with my emotions."

13. "And makes me feel so back and fourth."

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14. "It's like I can't even move."

15. "Someone help me."

16. "Please."

17. "This torture is too much to bare."

18. "And it happens every freaking week."

19. "But then"

20. "Friday happens."

21. "And it is glorious."

22. "Until then, I'll be right here waiting."

23. "Come soon, Friday."