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18 Reasons To Be Grateful This Thanksgiving

Sometimes just being you is enough to be thankful. And sometimes not being these people is even better.

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1. You are not tied upside down on a rope.


Blood rush to the head? Um, no, thank you.

2. You are not the person who wasted their money on perfectly good hot dogs.


"I guess just hot dog buns for dinner is OK," said no one ever.

3. You are not this man without a computer chair.


Or his friend.

4. You are not in this tree right now.


Bed/desk >>> tree

5. You don't have the entire world against you.


Give me the world on my shoulders any day.

6. You are not this boy who was enjoying life.


You're way smarter than to splash in puddles.

7. You do not have this crushing sense of disappointment at this very moment.


Count your blessings.

8. You know better than to buy a cheap bed frame.


"Excuse me, Ms. Pink Yoga Pants, but have you heard of IKEA?"

9. You are not the owner of this house.


Out dated ceiling fans? Really? Does this make you happy?!

10. You are not this man's hairdresser.

Someone let him walk out with that middle part. Unacceptable.

11. You know better than to just wear shorts and a T-shirt while it's snowing.

And to not do a face plant, probably.

12. You are not being thrust into a sea of people.


It's the little things in life sometimes.

13. You

14. Are


15. None


16. Of

17. These

18. People.

And that alone should make you grateful.

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