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11 Animals Just Trying To Get Home For Thanksgiving Via Turtle Taxi

You think your daily commute is slow?

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1. "Cat was right, this is more fun than bye-bye-in-the-car!"

2. "Cat was wrong. This isn't as fun as bye-bye-in-the-car."

Annie Furst / Via

3. Hurry! My bro, the turkey, could be in hot water!"

PatriotsDreamFarm / Via

4. "Wow, much scenic, very route..."


5. "You mean Uncle Cat lied when he said turtles are fast?"

Nevermind / Via

6. "Shoot! Wrong way! Thank god the north turtle hasn't left the station."

Goat in the manger / Via

7. "WTF, I reserved a Giant Tortoise and this is what they send me?!"

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic / Via

8. "Cat said nothing could go wrong if I take the turtle taxi..."

Tegan Bradley / Via

9. "Oh dear, I forgot to tell them I'm vegan."

Annie Furst / Via

10. "You're saying Mr. Cat misled me? You really can't jump over the fence?"

ChargerMoparmania / Via

11. "I should've shelled out more to book the damn cheetah."

Legend Of Wayne / Via

"Eat my dust suckas!!! Turkey dinner here I come."

FunnyAnimals / Via

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