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    Akira Predicted The 2020 Tokyo Olympics And The Internet Loves This

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 to feature rhythmic psychic assault and tentacle mutant hell.

    In the 1988 cult anime feature "Akira", biker gangs wreck shit in a World War III-ravaged Neo Tokyo. In the backdrop is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, cheerily presented as some false hope in a country under martial law. It's a gruesome tale of government experiments and mutant children in rebellion, and the internet loves that it "predicted" Tokyo winning the 2020 Olympic bid.

    Early in the film, the biker gang discovers the secret remains of Akira in a military storage unit under the Olympic Stadium.

    This was the brisk match of psychic gymnastics that resulted. No jury survived to give it a perfect 10.

    "Cheers to Neo Tokyo - our age is near!" Fan art from Pixiv, Japan's equivalent of DeviantArt.

    Opening ceremonies to be officiated by giant psychic hellspawn.

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    Japanese show hosts gasping "sugoi!" over the coincidence.

    Kevin Tang

    Good job, nerds.

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