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21 Awkward Moments That Artists & Illustrators Recognize

People who draw are often painfully self-conscious. These moments do not help.

1. "Can I See Your Sketchbook?"

2. "Why do you buy so many sketchbooks?"

3. "Can you draw me?"


A great way to offend someone if you screw up.

4. "Why won't you hang out with us?"


Because I'm hard at work drawing all day... Ha. ha ha ha.

5. When you read art tutorials:

6. When another artist says things like this:

7. When you find out that a talented artist is ten years younger than you:

8. When you realize too late that you drew thumbs on the wrong side.

9. When this happens:

10. When you have a billion in-progress sketches lying around:

11. When attractive strangers approach you and you're convinced this is what they're thinking:

Of course you're grateful of the artistic attention, but...

12. When people you barely know email you to draw flyers for them for free:

13. When people think art classes are easy:

14. When someone looks over your shoulders as you draw:

15. When fan art gets 1000x more reblogs than your non-fan art work:

16. When people find your old DeviantArt/Livejournal/Blogspot gallery:

17. When college art classmates call everything 'meta' and think using bodily fluids is still transgressive.

18. When you think about the job market at all:

19. When people actually want to buy your work:

20. When you're drunk at a party and doodle on everything you see.

21. When you're meeting your favorite artist. Or a fan meets you:

Finally: you feel weird and insane spending hundreds of hours doodling, but whenever you get discouraged, remember what Ira Glass said:


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