17 Ways To Make Graphic Designers Cringe

These gaffes and cliches will make your designer friends flip every table in sight.

1. Bad kerning (spacing between characters)

ID: 810501

See more examples at 11points.com.

ID: 810507

2. This typesetting

ID: 810180

3. These typesetting mistakes:

ID: 814678

4. Medley of “attitude” fonts

ID: 812006

5. Violating the Swiss Grid


ID: 810824


ID: 811251

6. Big Red Text on movie posters

ID: 814118

7. The “I just learned Adobe Illustrator” look

ID: 812028

8. The “funkiest bistro in Connecticut” look

ID: 812079

9. Soothing corporate gradients

They don’t work on anything other than electronics ads, airline TV, and business hotel pamphlets. Putting this on a website is the easiest way to make it look like a B-rate scam site.

ID: 812381

10. Deviant Art cybergoth circa 2002

ID: 812292

11. Photo-manipulated selfies

Another great cliche of the early 2000s rave/EDM imagery.

ID: 812149

12. Way too twee

Overkilled in 2007.

ID: 812238

13. Generic Nightlife Flyers

ID: 812481

14. When clients suggest this

ID: 810149

15. And other dumb client instructions…

See: 18 Amazingly Stupid Things Clients Say.

ID: 811038

16. The Pen Tool in Photoshop

Yes, internet, a shameful admission: I suck at this thing.

ID: 816610

17. This

ID: 811133

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