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    17 People Who Will Never Be Royals

    Lorde knows we aren't the only ones.

    Press play and scroll. This one is for you.

    Lorde is not the only one who knows the pain of not being royal.

    1. Thomas Jefferson knew too.

    2. These other cards will also never be royals.

    3. Littlefinger from Game of Thrones tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end he'll never be a royal.

    4. Jorah will never be a royal :(

    5. This alien gave up at birth.

    6. These infomercial people will never be royals.

    7. These people from The Princess Diaries.

    8. These bootleg Pokémons are under no threat whatsoever of becoming royals.

    9. Neither is bootleg Shrek.

    10. Iceberg lettuce. This old ball of iceberg lettuce will never be a royal.

    11. Robinson Cano will never be Kansas City Royal.

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    12. This cat with obscene stockings.

    13. Every pronoun other than the royal "we."

    14. Mickey & Co.

    15. This uncouth Hot Pocket will never be a royal.

    16. Unacceptable. Get out of here.

    17. This burger.

    Prince, though. Prince will be a royal.

    Only Prince will ever be a royal.

    Life's not fair.