18 Witchiest Moments At Stongehenge Summer Solstice 2013

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year: witch out or GTFO.

1. Around 21,000 people gathered at Stonehenge at sunrise to mark the longest day of the year. Only 22 arrests were made. The whole thing looks like a blast.

Matt Dunham, File / AP

2. Many camped out all night for a glimpse of dawn.


3. And though many were party kids, some were legit witchlords.

http:// statigr.am


4. Do not mess with them. They will drain your mana and fuck up your feng shui.


5. Who would want to dress mundanely if they could be a jolly druid?


6. Arthur Uther Pendragon is the “Battle Chieftain” of the Council of British Druids. He leads the pagan solstice ceremonies.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

7. He also rides on a motorcycle with a claymore sword, campaigning for environmental causes. His partner is a High Priestess.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

8. “Mad Al” wins most dedicated/delightful dude of Stonehenge.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

9. Hey babe.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

10. This dude’s name is Rollo Maughfling.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

11. Some druids (probably) drinking Arthur Pendragon beer.

12. There were a lot of flower wreathes and stoic bearded men.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

13. There was a Lana Del Rey pageant.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

14. Neo-druids vibing hard.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

15. Someone wore this.

Kieran Doherty / Reuters

16. Some sweet witchmobiles were on site.


17. Sleepy folks side-eyed the sun.

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

18. Many people hugged it out.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Here’s to an excellent summer, everyone.

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