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    10 Signs Your Parents Are Overinvolved In Your Life

    Comics by SMBC, UP & OUT, and Amazing Super Powers!

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    1. This is how they deal with your cool rebellious phase:

    2. When you thought your were being edgy, they thought it was, well...

    3. And how they talked to your friends on the phone:

    4. This is them saying: "You'll thank me for taking this video one day :)"

    5. This is them trying to learn your language:

    6. Your teachers weren't too fond of them, maybe:

    7. They wanted to know who you're dating at all times:

    8. Everything you did was adorable to them:

    9. And sometimes it seems like they need to find their own social life.

    10. But really they're just trying to know you.

    Albeit in sometimes creepy ways.

    Take care of your Cool Dad/Mom, yall. They are more fragile than you think