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    10 Signs Your Parents Are Overinvolved In Your Life

    Comics by SMBC, UP & OUT, and Amazing Super Powers!

    1. This is how they deal with your cool rebellious phase:

    2. When you thought your were being edgy, they thought it was, well...

    3. And how they talked to your friends on the phone:

    4. This is them saying: "You'll thank me for taking this video one day :)"

    5. This is them trying to learn your language:

    6. Your teachers weren't too fond of them, maybe:

    7. They wanted to know who you're dating at all times:

    8. Everything you did was adorable to them:

    9. And sometimes it seems like they need to find their own social life.

    10. But really they're just trying to know you.

    Take care of your Cool Dad/Mom, yall. They are more fragile than you think