19 Things That Will Make Picky Eaters Scream, "Me"

    "I'll have the chicken fingers with fries, please."

    For some people, finding foods they actually enjoy is difficult...

    You know that when you go out to eat, this is all too true...

    Because if you're a real picky eater, then you recognize that there are levels to this shit...

    1. This is your "trying a food for the first time" face:

    2. All your receipts look like this:

    3. Most plates look like THIS:

    4. And this scene is all too familiar:

    5. You also experience a lot of feelings, like...disgust:

    6. Pride:

    7. Joy:

    8. Achievement:

    9. And you contemplate:

    10. This is what moral support looks like to you:

    11. You're not afraid to go into specifics:

    12. And you always have an alternative:

    13. You're thankful for small kindnesses:

    14. And give brutal honesty to others:

    15. You deal with people questioning your choices:

    16. But let's be real, you've got a LOT of questions, too:

    17. Because you gotta stand your ground:

    18. Stick to your guns:

    19. And always be prepared: