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    18 Crystal Clear Examples Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

    Women > Men.

    1. Because of shit like this:

    2. Or this:

    3. Especially this:

    4. It's because we do this:

    5. And this:

    6. THIS:

    7. And protect ourselves with shit like this:

    8. Why the fuck would you do this:

    9. We do dumb shit like this, lol:

    The guy in the pink shirt's face.

    10. WHYYYYY would you do this:

    11. OR THIS:

    12. Guys, I just...

    13. Women deserve to live longer:

    14. Because they're clearly superior:

    15. What the hell IS this:

    16. I know it's hot, but GO SOMEWHERE ELSE:

    17. THIS is crazy:


    18. And finally, I'll leave you with this:


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