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    A Beauty YouTuber Showed What Makeup On The Skin Looks Like Under A Microscope And OMFG

    It looks wild!

    This is beauty YouTuber Tina Yong.

    Tina recently released a video on YouTube that has gone viral, which shows what makeup actually looks like on the skin, eyebrows, and eyelashes under a digital microscope.

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    That's what mascara looks like up close on your eyelashes.

    Before she applied her makeup she gave viewers an up-close look at the surface of her skin.

    Here's a pimple that's not really visible at all without the microscope.

    Tina then applies her regular makeup routine: she fills in her eyebrows, applies mascara, and a highlighter among other things.

    Then she grabs the microscope again and shows what the products actually do to face, hair, and skin.

    This is Tina's cheek area with highlight applied:

    Remember that pimple from before? This is what it looks like with foundation over it.

    And these are her freckles with foundation:

    These are her eyebrows before she filled them in:

    And here's what they looked like after Tina applied makeup. The product clings to the hairs.

    Perhaps the most shocking picture is Tina's eyelashes with mascara applied.

    Let's see that again:

    If you want to see more in-depth before and afters, make sure to check out her entire video here.