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18 Pictures That Will Blow Your Whole Damn Mind

Woah, dude.

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1. This frozen egg:

2. These potatoes that look like sausage:

3. This "happy" onion:

4. This bread dolphin:

5. This eggy kid:

6. These seahorses:

7. This bat outta the shell:

8. This...double apple:

9. And then this double banana:

10. Speaking of bananas, WTF:

11. This dry-ass lemon:

12. And this big ass lemon:

13. This RED apple:

14. This GIANT fruit loop:

15. This mohawk pineapple:

16. And then these pink pineapples:

17. This wafer-less Kit-Kat:

18. And finally, this Swedish fish/Sour Patch kid:

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