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    May 3, 2017

    17 Disney Reactions That People In A Relationship Can't Relate To Anymore

    When you wish upon a relationship.

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    1. Feeling like you're SO ready, for a relationship.


    2. Getting annoyed with the exhaustion and anxiety that comes with going on dates.


    3. The stress of "finding the right person."


    4. Your friends (who happen to be in relationships) all promise you that "in time" you'll find your match.


    5. But obviously you know that's easier said than done.


    6. Going on a REALLY good date and then never hearing from that person again...

    7. ...and wondering/dissecting WTF you did that turned them off!

    8. Having that conflicted feeling that even though you want to be in relationship, you don’t want to change a thing about your life.

    9. You've been ready! You've been open.

    10. Lowering your standards/expectations just to find someone.

    11. Having that ONE friend who constantly reminds you that you’re single AF.

    12. Battling yourself over what you really want in a S.O. and what you can let slide.

    13. Having your parents ask you over and over when you’re going to settle down.

    14. Trying to convince your friends (who happen to be in relationships) to come out with you, so that you can meet somebody.

    15. Everyone seems to be happy EXCEPT you.


    16. Then you remember and feel so good that you’re not in a relationship any time your friends tell you about a fight they had with their S.O.

    17. ...then you realize that you're actually happy to be single 'cause you're just fine WITHOUT someone.


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