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    24 Budget And Luxury Things That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Man Hotter This Spring

    A handy little guide for guys who want to look their best this Spring.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Here's the deal, Spring is here and the chances of going out more on dates, friend outings, weddings, and shit like that dramatically increases. And you want to look good!

    I know that everyone doesn't have a ton of money so that's why I'm putting together this handy guide of some quality, cool things you can get to spruce up your style whether you have a budget or not...

    You don't even have to get the things on this list, but you can just use them as a general guide to help bring some fashion and style into your current wardrobe.


    Everyone needs a solid pair of sunglasses:

    1. If you're on a budget, check out Messyweekend:

    2. If you have a little extra cash Karen Walker's Monumental collection is to die for...

    Hats are ideal because they block the sun and up your cool factor:

    3. If you want to stand out from the sea of Dad caps, bucket hats are the shit:

    If you want to change it up and try something different from the ubiquitous baseball cap, try a bucket hat. They're perfect for blocking your eyes from the haters.

    Sunny days and beach days won't stand a chance at disrupting your cool.

    The one above is $29 and it's available at Urban Outfitters.

    4. But, I get it though, bucket hats aren't for everyone:

    If you're not comfy with a bucket hat, don't worry I get it, baseball/dad caps are still totally a thing and can definitely help amp your outfit up to the next level.

    The good thing is that they're pretty affordable, too.

    Grab the cap above (and many similar styles) for $16 from ASOS.

    5. You should probably own at least one good belt:

    Here's the thing, you know what kind of belt works best for you. So don't get so caught up on the above suggestion even if you never wear a belt it's still good to have one because you never know when you may want to upgrade your look wth a very simple, cheap accessory.

    The above belt is $16, and you can grab it from ASOS.

    6. And just because I love pins and they're a super easy and inexpensive way to personalize stuff, you should definitely check out Pintrill:


    Here are some trends with hoodies this season:

    -Oversized is cool, so size up if you want a more loose look.

    -Pastel colors rule.

    -If you have to choose, opt for pullover instead of zip-up, but keep in mind that zip-up is still fine.

    7. I stand by American Giant's literal perfect hoody:

    8. But, Uniqlo also makes a quality hoodie that'll last more than one season.

    Besides hoodies, sweaters are a great alternative for mild weather.

    9. This basic sweater from Zara comes in a bunch of colors and is reasonably priced:

    You can wear this sweater with a suit, jeans, khakis, pretty much whatever you want to wear it with. If you want to attract some attention try a color that pops out and grabs people's eye.

    This Zara basic costs $29.90.

    10. Gap has a ton of different styles of sweaters, like this crewneck:


    This crewneck sweater is great because its made from linen, which will keep you cool during the day and warmer at night if the temperature drops. You can also wear it to a more formal event, without an undershirt.

    You can grab it for $49.95. *If you sign up for Gap's emails they basically ALWAYS have 40% off.

    11. If you wanna spend a little more though, J. Crew makes an incredible cashmere sweater. It's perfect for layering.

    Cashmere sweaters are soft as fuck, you definitely should own one at some point, if you can afford it. Sometimes they're on sale too, so keep an eye out because I think they're a wardrobe essential. The material doesn't get too hot and you'll feel great in it.

    Snag it for $98.


    12. It's still gonna be slightly cool, especially in the evenings so have something to keep the chill away...

    This Champion track jacket is on trend, stylish, and the red pop of color will really help you to stand out.

    Grab it for $89 from Urban Outfitters.

    13. Or try a black denim jacket to keep warm on cool spring evenings.

    Blue denim jackets are great, but black ones, while underrated, can be just as good.

    Grab this from Forever21 for $29.90.

    14. Or change things up completely and get a bomber jacket:


    Bomber jackets are all the rage. They're great because, again, they can be dressed up or dressed down, and this pattern is giving all the spring vibes.

    This is available for $79.90 at Zara.


    15. Printed shirts are all the rage and I'm obsessed with Zara's selection:


    This one is dope—I actually just bought it—it's $39.90 from Zara.

    16. My coworker Brian told me to add this polo shirt to the list, he bought one this past weekend.

    He liked it because it's versatile, lightweight, and currently on sale. It comes in a bunch of different colors, six to be exact.

    Here's a positive review from someone who already bought it so you don't have to only take Brian's word for it:

    "Great fit! Runs a tad small. Normally I wear an L, which in this shirt would work for a snug bicep-hugging out to the clubs fit, but for regular day-wear the XL fits better. A very comfortable shirt. Looks neat and kinda sexy!"

    Grab this for $14.90 from Uniqlo.

    17. But...If prints aren't your thing, then try a vertical striped shirt:

    Zara / Via

    They're great because they give the illusion of height, and it's always good to look taller, right? Right!

    Grab either of these shirts from Zara for $39.90.

    If you have jeans that work for you, you can skip this section, but if you're looking for a jean refresh here are some options:

    18. These versatile Levi's can pretty much be dressed up or down.

    Levi's / Via

    These aren't too tight, but they're still fitted enough so that you can wear them from the office, to a date, and even dress them up for a special event you might have coming up.

    Levi's has these on sale for $59.50.

    19. If you've never had expensive jeans and you have some extra cash they're SO worth it:

    Rag & Bone has some of the best quality and cut jeans around. Yes they're expensive, but think of them as an investment piece that you can wear literally every day, if you want. I have several pairs of Rag & Bone jeans and i still wear them three years after I bought them. It stings at first when you pull the trigger, but the quality (and complements) almost pays for itself.

    These are the Fit 1 and they retail for $250.

    20. These Superga sneakers will always be a classic:

    If you want something similar to the shoe above, try this Superga sneaker, it's basic yet stylish. So you can wear it dressed up or dressed down.

    A pair of these comes in about five different colors and costs $64.95 from Zappos.

    21. These 100% Italian-leather sneakers by Koio can be worn all year round:

    And because I know wedding season is quickly approaching, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    -You should stand out with a cool tie if you can.

    -Don't wear a pair of shoes straight out the box, definitely break them in before the wedding.

    -Get a handkerchief.

    -Get your suit tailored.

    -Know which colors go together.

    -And if you want to know even more read this, it's a handy guide I put together to help you out.

    22. Speaking of ties, The Tie Bar has a TON of affordable and damn good looking ties.

    23. And finally, a cool weekender bag to throw all of this shit in it:

    This one's from Everlane and costs $115.

    24. last thing, if $115 is too much for a weekender bag, try this one from Hunter's Target collab:

    Target did a collab with Hunter the company that makes rain boots and they came out with this great duffel that's super durable and retails for $40.

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