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18 Pictures That Will Definitely Make You Say, "Oh My God" Out Loud

Brb, I'm calling 911!

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1. You know you shouldn't be looking at this thick AF sweet potato:

2. You probably shouldn't look at this starfish either:

3. This ice cube is offensive:

4. This tree hurts my eyes:

5. This chin is NOT OK:

6. It's rude to look at Mario being naughty:

7. This diagram isn't fit for public consumption:

8. Neither are these geoducks:

9. OMG that succulent:

10. This bear is OVERLY excited to see you:

11. OK, that's it! I'm logging off.

12. My GOD:

13. I hope you're not looking at this in public:

14. What the f—

15. OK this meal definitely isn't kosher:


17. Don't worry, it's alllllllmost done...

18. ...see I told you.

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