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19 Signs That'll Make You Snort Laughing, And Say To Yourself, "Damn, That's Funny"

"Target Staples Aldi Dicks."

1. First of all, there's this poor arrangement:

2. Then there's this misplaced beer tag:

3. Next up we've got this church that didn't value spacing:

4. This unfortunate typo:

5. Try to tell me this one isn't the realest thing you've ever read:

6. Don't even think about entering:

7. Hey — at least they gave a heads up:

8. Meow:

9. How much you wanna bet someone got in trouble for the first one:

10. Fair enough, Mr. Taxi driver:

11. Now, this is what I call a country sign:

12. LOL, don't get caught:

13. And don't be gross:

14. Well, well, well, clearly they didn't see this one coming:

15. Wise words:

16. Clever:

17. He has a point here:

18. And finally...THIS:

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