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18 Times Professors Got The Last Laugh

Savage, multi-tasking, and big-mouth teachers who don't take any bullshit.

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1. The "big mouth" professor:

2. The multi-tasking professor:

3. The potty mouth professor:

4. The pyro professor:

5. The professor who's obsessed with acid:

6. The professor who regrets giving out their number:

7. The fed up professor:

8. The mistaken professor:

9. The patient professor:

10. The annoyed professor:

I sent my professor an email last night and the first topic she brought up today was "how to email your professor without being annoying af"

11. The savage professor:

12. The lovable professor:

today my professor said "respect is the highest level of love" & i just think that's important for everyone to hear.

13. This straight-forward professor:

Me, an intellectual, crafting an articulate and professional email to my professor My professor:

14. The absent professor:

15. The "gracious" professor:

16. The injured professor:

17. And the, wait for it...funny professor:

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