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21 Times The Internet Proved It's Where The Most Outrageous People Roam

What are you even doing?!

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1. When this happened:

2. And this:

3. When this happened:

4. Who can deny this extraness?

5. When this water fountain was more fabulous than the rest:

Is this what private schools are like?

6. When this movie sign tried it:

7. This piss "poor" investment strategy is one for the books:

8. When this ~modern~ light switch was invented:

9. What about when this banking fiasco went down (literally)?

10. When someone created this over-the-top work of art:

11. What the hell is with this obsession with avocados?

12. Somehow this company thought this idea would float:

13. When this next-level complement happened:

14. How about when this game swept the Internet?

"The floor is lava" BEST GAME EVER

15. Or when this boyfriend sealed the moat:

Instagram: @hoodcomedy

16. When TJ went this far to make sure their food wasn't eaten:

It's sad I have to do dis in my own crib so dat nobody eat my shit

17. When designers called this a bathing suit:

18. And this olive oil did the absolute most:

When you're struggling to reach the word count whilst writing an essay

19. When this guy wore a shirt that was just too damn real:

"Millennials be like..." #funny #humor #lol

20. Better yet, when this dad was savage:

21. And finally, when this person literally needed to turn a book into Twitter, just to read it:

Learn how to read a book again simply by sticking a twitter Avi alongside every paragraph.......

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