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21 Times The Internet Proved It's Where The Most Outrageous People Roam

What are you even doing?!

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5. When this water fountain was more fabulous than the rest:

Is this what private schools are like?

6. When this movie sign tried it:

7. This piss "poor" investment strategy is one for the books:


11. What the hell is with this obsession with avocados?


14. How about when this game swept the Internet?

"The floor is lava" BEST GAME EVER

15. Or when this boyfriend sealed the moat:

Instagram: @hoodcomedy

16. When TJ went this far to make sure their food wasn't eaten:

It's sad I have to do dis in my own crib so dat nobody eat my shit


18. And this olive oil did the absolute most:

When you're struggling to reach the word count whilst writing an essay

19. When this guy wore a shirt that was just too damn real:

"Millennials be like..." #funny #humor #lol

21. And finally, when this person literally needed to turn a book into Twitter, just to read it:

Learn how to read a book again simply by sticking a twitter Avi alongside every paragraph.......