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BuzzFeed Employees Try Holiday Drink "Santa's Piss" For The First Time

A festive cocktail sure to give you some holiday cheer.

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The holidays are quickly approaching and what better way to get into the spirit by trying a mystery holiday drink made with random ingredients we found around the office.

We call it Santa's Piss.

Jon and I concocted this mystery punch, but our unsuspecting coworkers had no idea what was in it.

Here are their ridiculous (and some surprising) reactions.


After Michelle got over the initial first sip, here's what she had to say, "It's not bad, actually, it’s pretty good. It's very acidic, 'applely', it tastes like its kinda carbonated."

"I don’t know, I don’t mind it."


“Oh. It’s not bad," she said after taking a little sip. "I think because it's primarily rum it's OK. But i don’t understand what nog is. I don’t like that, I don’t understand that."

After that first chug, Tanner wasn't feeling the drink, “Oh God, oh God, it taste like medicine."

"Like its got a real medicine ~wang~ to it. It’s tingling, in a weird way like it has alka seltzer in it."

Dave stepped up and decided to waft the drink first to get a feel for it.

The first thing he noticed, "it smells like banana... OK, I’m gonna take a big sip."

"Does it have Nyquil in it," he asked. "It literally taste like red Nyquil."

"It doesn’t taste good that’s for sure."


“You know what, it's not bad, it’s really not bad,” she said.

"If you wanted it to be bad maybe you should have put more weird stuff in it," she said after she found out what was in the drink.

Kiebs was the last of the group to try our cocktail...he just went right for it.

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

After his first swig he smiled and said, "It’s not bad. It tastes kind of like, chocolate milk with booze in it. Or like, a melted ice cream, kinda."

So there you have it... If you want to make Santa's Piss yourself, here's the recipe:

* 1 oz. Serpent's Bite Apple Cider Whiskey

* 2 oz. Southern Comfort flavored Egg Nog

* A splash of Guinness Stout

Shake with ice and pour into a glass. 🎄