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19 Hilarious Tweets And Photos That Are Literally You, I Swear To God

You won't regret clicking on this.

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1. Procrastinators definitely feel this:

2. And we've all been here before:

3. Damn, THIS is too real:

4. And you know you've been here before:

5. Literally me every damn day:

6. *Sigh*:

7. I think we can all agree on this one:

8. This is so real, considering all the drinking I do:

9. Yeah, nah, I'll pass:

10. Hahahaha, THIS:

11. I mean, technically they're correct:

12. As a fast walker, I feel this so hard:


14. Uhhhh, idk man:

15. Those damn front-facing cameras:

16. We've all been here before, prove me wrong:

17. Hell yeah, all the damn time:

18. My b, I needed some space:

19. And finally, same:

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