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15 Times Pickup Artists Lied To Guys Everywhere

It's just a game?

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Pickup Artistry is supposed to be a saving grace for guys (who can't find mates) everywhere.

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The rules of Pickup Artistry are scattered across the internet, published in books, and shared in "lair talks" (meetings where guys get together and teach each other how to "game" girls). They talk about how to effectively use corny pickup lines:

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But often, the advice of the "gurus" doesn't reap the "panty-dropping" results that many apprentices hope for.

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1. Pickup Artists everywhere tried to make us believe that objectifying women is OK and that to achieve success they must get rid of "any existing notion that women are independent humans."

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2. They told us that making fun of a girl would immediately cause her to want to hook up.

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3. How about when they told us we should "stop and shock" girls on the street in order to get their attention.

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4. Remember that time they suggested you "engineer" your friend group so that you're the best looking.


5. Or when they made us think that sex with girls is some sort of achievement that needs to be "unlocked."

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6. Or when they suggested we treat women like notches on a bedpost instead of human beings.


7. Or that guys can trick girls into sleeping with them using a specific set of blueprints.


8. When they told us that all girls are the same and will fall for the same "gotcha" tricks.


9. Or when they told us that girls like being put down, and it really turns them on.

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10. They tried to tell us that girls only like dominant alpha-male types, and if you're not one of these people you need to change.

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11. That "Kino" (light touching as soon as you begin talking to a girl) won't creep her out.

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12. They tried to make us believe that all girls fall under a "one size fits all" umbrella.

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13. Or that once you make a girl fall for you, you have to "punish" her "unwanted behavior" by removing interest and stop paying her any attention.

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14. That guys are actually entitled, and deserve sex from women.

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15. That "closing" is more important than actually making a connection.

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Honestly guys, this is the best way to pick up "chicks" and it's foolproof:

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