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    17 Pictures That Will Literally Melt The Icebox That Is Your Heart

    Grab some tissues.

    1. This teacher who visits the hospital to give lessons to his student with cancer:

    2. This proud grandpa:

    3. This sweet message left by a developmentally disabled man who found out someone's horse was sick:

    4. This definition of true love:


    (photo 1&2) were taken way before we had even met each other.... now (photo 3)we found our other half to ride space mountain with💞🚀

    6. This owner who wants to teach her puppy to be nice:

    7. This guy got stood up by his date, but luckily found a replacement in the nick of time:

    8. This child who got strength from Goku:

    9. This beauty:

    10. This genius idea:

    11. This adorable uncle:

    12. This lobster llama:

    13. And this mama who let her pups have the bed:

    14. This family portrait:

    15. This nana celebrating a century:

    16. Guys, I'm losing it:

    17. And finally, this bucket list: