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22 Examples Of Old People Using Technology That Will Make Millennials Die Laughing


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1. This excited grandma:

2. Sorry, Gichael, that's not how this works:

3. This dad who just wanted a little help:

4. This mom:

5. Berneta just wanted to get Allen's attention:

6. This budding foodie:

7. This incredible life event:

8. Awww, this amateur selfie:

9. This yard sale Facebook group:

10. Poops, Grandma, lol:

11. "Hi 👋:"

12. The review on this ad...savage:

13. Where's he at:

14. LOL, this lovely exchange:

15. This background, lmao:

16. Dad's calling up Mr. Uber for his kid:

17. Granny just upped her clout:

18. Hopefully this was a meme...

19. If at first you don't succeed, keep on trying:

20. Mom just felt the need to dab in honor of Thanksgiving:

21. This life lesson:

22. And in conclusion, grandmas love to embarrass their grandkids:

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