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    20 Ridiculously Cute Animals That Are Basically You Around Your Crush

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    1. When you unexpectedly see bae in public.

    2. When you overdress for your date with bae.

    3. When you're out with bae and you spot your ex.

    4. When you type a paragraph and get hit with a "K" response.


    6. When you get a random text from bae's ex.

    7. When you're lurking bae's Instagram and you're 96 weeks deep.

    8. When bae tells a funny joke in front of your friends.

    9. When you see other people commenting hearts on bae's photos.


    11. When bae gives you an unexpected compliment.

    12. When you catch someone else flirting with bae.

    13. When bae catches you snooping through his phone.

    14. When bae is sending mixed signals and you don't know what to do.


    16. When you bend over backwards trying to make bae happy.

    17. When you overhear someone trash talking bae.

    18. When you wake up after a drunken night and realize you sent bae texts you shouldn't have.

    19. When bae talks about their ex on the first date.

    20. When you spend your first holiday with bae.