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    Twitter Is Going Wild For McDonald's Crispy Sprite — Here's Why

    It's crispier?

    So if you didn't know, McDonald's Sprite is, well...different from other varieties of Sprite.

    People describe it experience:

    drank McDonalds Sprite and saw God

    And over the past few days Twitter has been blowing up about McDonald's Sprite...

    McDonalds sprite so damn strong you gotta be 21+ to drink that shit 😂

    drank mcdonalds sprite tonight and my stomach lining should recover in 5-7 business days

    McDonalds with this jumper cable ass sprite. Wheww lord 🤦🏽‍♂️

    There have even been some memes:

    my nervous system when i take a sip of Mcdonalds sprite

    Now I've had McDonald's Sprite before and I guess I didn't notice the difference immediately but there are THREE distinct reasons why it's better...

    First, there's more sugar and more carbonation.

    Secondly, Spoon University says, "McDonald’s filters its water twice as much as competitors, giving your Sprite that 'gold standard' quality every time, because better water means better Sprite."

    Finally, believe it or not the STRAW has a huge impact because it's wider than normal straws so more sugary sweet soda hits your taste buds at once.

    So, that's why your McDonald's Sprite sends a jolt through your body unlike any other Sprite.