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Someone Photoshopped Kanye’s Head Onto His Daughter's Body And It’s The Best Thing You’ll See All Day


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Ever noticed how Kanye and his daughter North West look A LOT alike?!

Vogue / Via

Well... today, Elliot Wagland (a picture editor for HuffPost UK), literally proved how similar the daughter and father look by creating photoshops replacing North's face with Kanye's.

Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin / Via / Elliot Wagland

Here, little baby Kanye and Kim take a leisurely stroll through the city.

Raymond Hall / Getty Images/Elliot Wagland / Via

Little baby Kanye's always been such a show-off!

Splash News / Elliot Wagland / Via

Little baby Kanye's always ready for his close-up. Look at him serving face! 👏🏾

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Elliot Wagland

And of course they ended it with a kiss.

Splash News/Elliot Wagland / Via

The resemblance is literally uncanny.

H/T HuffPost UK