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18 Funny Photos That You Didn't Even Know You Needed Today

Let's all giggle together.

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1. First up there's this "food" sign:

2. Next, there's this out of body experience for Weird Al:

3. Imagine sleeping in this bed:

4. We've got this very factual statement:

5. There's this poor scared woman and that poor mans face:

6. LOL:

7. The accuracy here:

8. Don't fuck with this stitcher:

9. Or this savage note writer:

Apparently they really hate bad parkers.

Apparently they really hate bad parkers.

10. Never have I felt more seen:

11. I never thought about it that way but...OK:

12. OMG:

13. See, Boston can be funny:

14. Hmmm, well this phone doesn't seem to be THAT smart:

15. Listen up, hotels everywhere:

16. Well in that case, I'll take it:

17. Houston, we have a problem:

18. OK, sorry, bye:

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