This Is What It's Like When You Pay $2.99 A Month For Kylie Jenner's Official App

    Let's take a look.

    Haters be damned: Kylie Jenner is officially the most popular Kardashian.

    Yesterday, the Kardashian Klan released a suite of apps directed at their enormous fan bases. Each sister (sans Kourtney) launched an app directly geared toward their respective audiences. And while one might assume that Kim Kardashian's (the leader of the pack) app would be most popular, her youngest sister Kylie's app quickly catapulted to the top of the App Store charts.

    Kylie's app is free to download, but you must subscribe to actually access the app. A subscription will set you back $2.99 a month. And Kylie's app just so happens to be more popular (currently) than Instagram and Facebook on the charts.

    This is the icon. It's pretty simple but features the iconic teal color that Kylie has made her signature.

    Tap the app to open it and this is the first thing you see:

    Before you're actually allowed to experience the content, you have two options: Subscribe or log in.

    To convince you further to push that subscription button, Kylie greets you with a special video message. Kylie promises to give advice and insight into her favorite beauty routines and products.

    OK, Kylie, you've sold me. I finally pressed the subscription button and was forced to create an account (per usual for these type of apps tbh):

    Just to make sure you're fully aware that you're about to pay $2.99 a month, the app again confirms via a pop-up message too.

    You're welcome. Now let's get down to business.


    🔥 This is the first screen you see once you're in. 🔥

    Navigation is simple: Swipe down for the menu, swipe right to left for the kontent, and swipe up to go back to the main menu. Seems pretty simple.

    First up is an exclusive photo shoot Kylie Instagrammed a few months back.

    Kylie gives a brief intro and a shout-out to the photographer Sasha Samsonova, who is known for her Instagram photos.

    There's a lot of makeup touch-ups, and Kylie narrates her experience as a ~model~ in the behind-the-scenes video.

    Besides behind-the-scenes photo shoots, there's a huge section of "look for less" outfit inspiration. Take, for example, this number Kylie was photographed wearing recently.

    This isn't the exact same thing, but I guess it's close enough...

    OK... here's another example. This was Kylie's look for the VMAs.

    Kylie shares two sentences about how it made her feel...

    And then you can shop the look. Obviously, these are not the same items because Kylie's costs thousands upon thousands more, but you get the idea.

    If you want to actually purchase one of her suggestions, you are taken directly to the retailer, all inside the app.

    Perhaps the most interesting video I saw on the app was a "secret" that Kylie shared about her favorite push-up bra. This is before...

    And magically... this was after. WOW!

    It's literally...magic.

    For these and more behind-the-scenes glimpses into Kylie's ~life~, download her app now in the App Store. It's free, but remember that you have to pay $2.99 a month for access to all the kontent.

    That's all, folks!