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18 Pictures Of The Funniest Hipster Things To Ever Hipster

Do you know the definition of velocipede?

1. First, there's this penny farthing hitched on a Prius:

2. Then there's this typewriter at the airport:

3. How about this yarn spinner at a car dealership:

4. These sodas, SMH:

5. This hipster kidnap van seems about right:

6. Lol this snow creation is kinda genius, not gonna lie:

7. Please pray for this dishwasher:

8. This whole situation is just adorable, but also painfully hipster:

9. These seats:

10. Hold up, a $98 stump, really?!

11. I have no idea what is going on here:

12. Yes, those are fries inside of booth:

13. JFC, those are some SKINNNNNY JEANS (sorry):

14. This gives portable a whole new meaning:

15. And what about this "Caesar salad":

16. Yup:

17. Whatever happened to bread in a basket:

18. And finally...this fucking scooter bike hybrid: