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17 "Sexy" Costumes For Guys That Will Make You Lose Your Faith In Halloween

Gird your loins.

1. Maybe you want to be a "clown"?

2. Or a "football player":

3. Or a this...

4. ...maybe even a...that:

5. Or this "scandalous cop":

6. This "wild cowboy":

7. Perhaps a "sexy cop":

8. Or you could just wear a kilt?

Price: $49.99

9. Ever wanted to be a "mechanic"?

10. Or you could cook something up as this "chef":

11. Maybe you're feeling "fantasy island":

12. LOL, better yet, serve something up as a "butt-ler":

13. Haha, do you wanna place a bet with this:

14. Maybe this look will "whet" your appetite:

15. You guys, this is getting out of hand...

16. This "cowboy" seems out of place:

17. And finally, guilty as charged.