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19 People Whose Handwriting Is So Good It Actually Might Calm You Down

Prediction for 2018: Typing is out; handwriting is in.

1. OK, how perfect is this menu:

2. What about the way this person writes:

3. Did this teacher print this out:

4. These notes, OMG, so organized:

5. Perfection doesn't exis—:

6. So small, but yet SO neat:

7. And the way this greeting card is written:

8. This may be a vulgar message, but it's beautiful:

9. The same goes for this birthday message:

10. Wow, who knew somebody could make a masterpiece with Arby's sauce:

11. I'm sure the new parents appreciated this kind custom note:

12. No, this isn't printed from the computer, it's written:

13. Acceptable graffiti:

14. Did a robot write this:

15. I'm getting jealous that MY handwriting isn't this neat:

16. Angry? Yes. Good handwriting? Yes.

17. This landlord deserves a medal for these instructions:

18. This highlighter handwriting is to die for:

19. And finally, THIS: