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    19 LOL Funny Things That You'll Only Understand If You Have Coworkers

    "When your coworkers start to look attractive it's time to go."

    1. This passive aggressive response to the printing "rules":

    2. How are people not supposed to take this personally?!

    3. Honestly, this is solid advice, but still savage.

    4. R.I.P "Mikey Davis":

    5. Yikes, the thief stole and then replied. Oof.

    6. This takes breaking the rules to a whole 'nother level:

    7. I'm going to reply to all questions going forward with, "I'm good luv, enjoy":

    8. This person who didn't trust their coworkers to not eat everything in sight:

    9. Speaking of eating—damn Debbie:

    10. How would you even react to this?

    11. This "letter of recommendation":

    12. Then we have this sick April Fools Joke:

    13. OMG, this one feels like an HR violation:

    14. Wait for it...

    15. I'm not sure this is a solid plan:

    16. This is both savage and genius at the same damn time:

    17. This was his way of creating a "standing desk":

    18. And finally, these goodbye cookies: