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    24 Pictures That Could Actually Be Mistaken For Works Of Art

    Heaven is a thing on Earth.

    1. Let's start with this soothing ice cream ball:

    2. Look at the way these bubbles are perfectly organized:

    3. This plant is a sight for sore eyes:

    4. And these police cars are the definition of perfect:

    5. This lineup is the stuff dreams are made of:

    6. This PERFECT snow:

    7. THIS cheeseburger:

    8. This baby tomato looks like it came straight from a cartoon:

    9. This organization, OMG:

    10. The underside of this water lily:

    11. This ceiling = magic:

    12. Give this storekeeper a promotion:

    13. This looks like a stream, but it's not:

    14. This huge but perfect mound of flour is calling my name:

    15. So is this beautiful snow ball:

    16. Please explain to me how they made these bricks:

    17. THIS table:

    18. How did the leaves fall this perfectly?

    Hint: They probably didn't.

    19. Ice, ice baby:

    20. Why don't all sandwich places cut the lettuce like this:

    21. HOW did they do this:

    22. This gorgeous untouched pool makes me want to take a dip:

    23. This pill organization is literally goals:

    24. And finally...what shirt?!

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